Jr. Data Analyst/Intern

Job ID: 
Data Analyst_Intern_101
Tegris Inc., a solutions provider dedicated to fixing problems which stem from the lack of enforcement of fire safety system inspections, and an advocate for the fire prevention industry aligning the interests of fire officials, inspectors, property owners, rating bureaus, and insurance companies is seeking a Junior Data Analyst to join the team in Gig Harbor, WA.
This position is responsible for investigating and fixing data quality issues, supporting the ongoing operation of communicating fire safety system inspection requirements to the property owners, and participating in system testing for our web based application solution.
Application Requirements
We are considering local candidates within the Gig Harbor area. This is a part-time engagement that may grow into a full time position.
Required Experience
  • High School Diploma (or A/B student close to graduation)
  • Understanding of data structures and database tables
  • Experience with MySQL or similar database
  • Experience manipulating data in Microsoft Excel
Beneficial Experience
  • Ability to form and execute SQL queries
  • Ability to write MS-Excel VBA Scripts
  • Ability to understand and incorporate web based services
Gig Harbor, WA