Consulting Practices

Practical advice and execution support to help solve your toughest business problems.

If you're a small business looking for help or a bigger business looking to solve a hard problem or find cost reductions, Ceptara has the people that can help. We bring experienced business managers, Lean Six Sigma experts, and certified project managers that can get you to an implemented solution fast. Don't wait another minute, contact us today.

Our Practice Areas...

  • Quality Excellence - We help companies meet and exceed their quality standards. It might be structuring a quality management system for the first time, driving compliance to a customer mandated standard, or implementing a continuous improvement methodology, Ceptara has the people, the experience and the knowledge to take your quality system to the next level.
    Learn more about our QE practice.

  • Performance Management - You can't manage what you don't measure. Every business, small, medium or large, should have a way of measuring their success. The best measures are connected to the business' strategy and driven down to the individual. Ceptara has helped companies define the measures, design and implement the tracking system, and supported companies as they integrate the new management system into their everyday practices.
    Learn more about our PM practice.

  • Supply Chain Management - Your business' supply chain is critical to your success. It may account for a significant portion of your costs or have the most impact on your customer's satisfication. Ceptara has proven methods to help you strengthen your supply chain, such as more effective new product introductions, driving more value from your supply line, raising your quality performance or realizing a more effective delivery process. Learn more about our SCM practice.

  • IT Management - Information Technology is the backbone of any business. In some cases, IT has become the business. Ceptara has experience implementing ITIL (ISO 20000) as an IT quality management system. This has helped companies better plan their IT resources, drive up their service levels, and better understand their IT performance. Through a structured quality system, IT organizations in the US find it easier to consistently meet their Sarbanes-Oxley requirements because it's how they operate, not something more they need to do. Learn more about our ITM practice.

  • Product / Service Realization - Through a structured approach to drive consistency in the new idea realization process, we make sure deliverables are complete, milestones are visible, and strategic decisions are made at the appropriate time in the life cycle. We've made substantial improvements in time-to-market and development resource productivity in the hardware and software industries. Learn more about our PRP practice.