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Over Branding - Why Too Much Is Too Much

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Why too much branding distracts from your most valuable branding tool, your products:

  • Over exposing your branding graphics can hurt you.
  • Create a memorable impression.
  • Your products and services and the way they are delivered are your most important way to represent your company.

Apple’s iPad, Old Computing Concepts Need Not Apply

  • When you see or hear a new idea, don’t apply old rules to it
  • Be creative regarding process improvement for using new technology
  • Get varied opinions on new technology before making business decisions

Well its been a while since I’ve been on blogging. Holidays, kids and 60 hour work weeks......

Walmart Now Selling Boeing Dreamliners

Boeing Dreamliner
  • The customer experience is king: design, execute, monitor and adjust (Plan-Do-Check-Act).
  • Cost savings come in the oddest places, leave no stone unturned. 
  • Know your limits and use experts to help, such as a mentor, coach or consultant.

In keeping with my series about how we’re not as far along as we think, I’d like to talk about a few major faux pas I’ve seen recently.  One was at a famous and large retailer, Walmart.  The other is visible from my backyard.

We’re not as far along as we think we are...

Dog dressed as a frog
  • Never be satisified with the status quo and don't sacrifice yourself along the way
  • Get a fresh perspective (usually an outsider) to tell you what can be right in front of you
  • Work ON your business or organization or group, and don't give up!
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