Help! Can't Install

I saved Setup.  But when I try and Run it, it says "The latest version of this customization is already installed"  Name: POS2007.  If this has been installed, it's not showing up on Outlook.  Please Help. 

Installed - not showing up

A few folks have installed and then not seen the Project Explorer button showing up in Outlook.

If you're running Outlook 2007, a new button should show up in the Explorer view.  If you're running Outlook 2010, the button will show up on the Add-ins or Ceptara Organizer tab in the Explorer view.

If the button is missing, then the add-in tried to run but ran into a problem.

First check to see if you see the add-in in the Trust Center.

  1. Go to Tools - Trust Center (2007), File-Options (2010)...
  2. Select the Add-ins tab
  3. If everything is good, 'Ceptara Organizer for Outlook' ('POS2007' for versions prior to v3.5) will show up in the 'Active Application Add-ins' section, if not it will be in the 'Inactive Application Add-ins' or 'Disabled Application Add-ins'
  4. If it's not active, there is probably a reason - see this [article] for more help
  5. If it's disabled, look at the bottom of the dialog where it says Manage: COM Add-ins
    1. Select Disabled Items
    2. Press the Go... button
    3. Select the 'Ceptara Organizer for Outlook' or 'POS2007' add-in and click on the Enable button

This should help you install any missing binaries or let us know what direction to go.