Prioritized Daily Task List

In Outlook, I want to be able to see the tasks I need to execute today listed in execution order (eg, do #1 first, do #2 second....).  This gives me focus and direction during my day - I know exactly what to do next.  I am speaking about the classic FC ABC/123 view

How would you suggest doing this, or at least getting close?

I have used the Franklin Covey addin for Outlook that gives the Prioritized Daily Task List view based on abc/123.  As well, their "home" html page is excellent in its presentation of todo's, email and calendar.  It would be great if this page could be used as the Outlook view.

When I have both add-ins in outlook, I can get the FC home page up, but the tasks don't seem to work quite right in terms of status and even which day they appear on.  So I am concerned that this may messed something up behind the scenes.

Thoughts?  Thanks!

Yaacov Sternbach


I would like A1,A2,B1,B2 drag/drop prioritization

I would also like A1,A2,B1,B2 prioritization.  I previously used Plan Plus (which is what he is referring to), but stopped because they have dropped the ball.  I am attempting to leave their  product, but would like this type of functionality.  Plan Plus lets you drag/drop prioritization which is a essential.

More thoughts on Plan Plus and Franklin/Covery functionality

You are absolutely right - they have dropped the ball and I am also looking to leave them.  One of the key items is there is no good mobile organizer support anymore.  They used to interface with Pocket Informant - excellent tool - but this has gone the way of Windows Mobile.

So, the full picture I'm looking for is either:

1) a full-fledged sync with between Captera and Pocket informant OR

2) Have Captera and PI work well togethert via Toodledo.  Today, Captera works with Toodledo.  PI works with Toodledo.  If I could get an A1, A2 field to transfer well between all three apps, I'd be happy.  Even if I didn't have drag and drop. 

Somewhere between the three (categories, tags, status, priorities...) there must be a common ground that will both sync and be sortable within each app.



Prioritized Daily Task List

This is a functionality I would LOVE to see.  Any method of prioritizing within each priority level would be fine, but I ahve used the A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 scheme for many years and particularly like that one. Greg