Upcoming Talk on Purchasing & Quality Practices

Just wanted to remind everyone that I have a talk coming up next week, February 19th, at the AmCon conference in Bellevue Washington - it's FREE, so don't pass up this opportunity to learn more about "Six Sigma in Purchasing" - more here including the presentation material. The talk focuses on presenting a number of Supplier Management practices and describing the quality tools that can be used to execute supplier management better.

When we talk about supplier performance management, a concept called SVA will be introduced - the slides in the presentation are taken from this model. Feel free to download the model to get familiar with the math and the details of the topics. In addition to the SVA model, there also is a model available (Supplier Performance Model) focused on showing how to gather, analyze, and present quantitative and qualitative data in support of managing supplier performance.

I will be demonstrating how to use perceptual maps, correlation matrices, qualitative and quantitative measures, and many more tools, so please feel free to join us.