Focus Me 2013 - View Project Explorer


I do not have an option in my outlook 2013 to view the project explorer and hence I cannot see a list of tasks and sub tasks.  Is there a solution for this or do i have to have another add in?

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Tasks and Sub-Tasks

Mike -

Tasks and Sub-Tasks can be viewed in the Project Window:

Open a Project

Select the Tasks pane

Select a Task that has Sub-Tasks - the sub-tasks will show up in the detail pane on the right.

You can drag and drop tasks to create or remove task/sub-task relationships

The Gantt Chart will show tasks with sub-tasks as Milestones with tasks.

The Project Window has replaced the Project Explorer from Organizer.


I will be adding the mind mapping tool into the Project window, so when project planning, you'll have another tool for setting up and managing the Task/Sub-Task realationships.

NOTE: right now if you're using FocusMe on more than one PC, the task/sub-task relationships only exist on the PC that they were set - I will adding the ability to do that on any device (PC) so it will sync across PCs.