How Ceptara helps Organizations Achieve Excellence

About one third of small businesses fail in the first year and less than one half make it to their fourth year. In the U.S. economy starting in December of 2007 through June 2009, approximately 8.8 million jobs were eliminated in the ‘Great Recession’. New and existing organizations face significant challenges in surviving and providing value to their customers, assuring the economy continues to sustain a healthy place for people to work and play.

There are many factors in deciding an organization’s success or failure. Many are outside of their control, e.g. significant economic changes or catastrophic weather events. However, many factors are certainly within an organizations’ control, e.g. selecting and operationalizing a successful strategy, hiring and developing the right people, and defining and executing their work efficiently and effectively. In fact, the better the organization operates, the less the external factors affect it.

Ceptara transforms organizations by 1) aligning the organization’s strategy to its operations, 2) building a repeatable system of execution, 3) institutionalizing metrics for success, 4) creating a continuous improvement program and 5) establishing momentum through employee development and communication.

Ceptara's 5 Steps to Organizational Excellence

Achieving Organizational Excellence
Ceptara's Five Steps 

Ceptara’s five steps to achieving organizational excellence is a systematic approach for efficient repeatable execution that creates structure where there is none, identifies and improves areas that are underperforming, and establishes the organizational attitude and skills to sustain the improvements. Unlike other Lean Six Sigma firms that focus solely on continuous improvement, our approach assures all factors required for excellent execution exist, are aligned to the organization’s strategic imperatives, and then are evaluated, prioritized and improved.

  1. Strategic Alignment - Using the organization’s strategy as the blueprint, Ceptara facilitates goal deployment aligning the people, systems and processes necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.
  2. Build the System - Ceptara defines an end to end process architecture, creates business system documentation (policies, processes, metrics, work instructions), and trains employees in process management.
  3. Measures for Success - Using business drivers and customer drivers (identified in step 1), a balanced scorecard is created to facilitate management by metrics. Facts and data are used to drive daily operational decisions and identify areas of concern.
  4. Continuous Improvement - Based on strategic need (1) and performance (3), business processes are evaluated, prioritized and improved using Lean Six Sigma (LSS) tools and techniques.
  5. Sustain the Momentum - Ceptara assures the organization is prepared for and embraces change through internal communication programs and skills development in Lean Six Sigma to drive organizational momentum for achieving excellence.

Download the white paper to learn how Ceptara can help your organization achieve excellence.  Give us a call if you'd like us to present our approach to help you take the next step.

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