Wedding Planning Template using Microsoft Outlook

This template provides a list of tasks to help plan a wedding using Ceptara's [Organizer] Outlook Add-in.  After downloading, 'Import the WBS' using the Project Explorer.

It provides a tree structure with tasks and sub-tasks focused on six main milestones:

  1. Develop Goals, Contracts and Budget - a focus on the strategic planning of the overall event, including what kind of wedding to plan, whose accountable for what steps and how much will be spent.
  2. Plan the Attire - a focus on the wedding party's attire
  3. Plan the Memories - what to do to assure the wedding party and the guests will remember the event.
  4. Plan the Venue - a focus on assuring all tasks associated with the venue plan from step 1 are accomplished.
  5. Plan the Guests - making sure the guests know where to go and where to stay
  6. Sweat the Small Stuff - an accounting of tasks according to a timeline from 4 months out to 1 day before.

Note: this template was adapted from a template provided for Microsoft Project.

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