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Ceptara's FocusMe for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 add-in designed to help you and your team achieve greater effectiveness by focusing attention on personal and team objectives through better management of e-mail using project and task management tools.

To get the most from the Trial, you'll need a Ceptara website account to connect to the FocusSync service.  This will keep your data safe in the event that you need to rebuild an Outlook profile, or move your data to a new PC.  If the collaboration features are to be used, a FocusSync account is required to faciliate closed loop collaboration.

A FREE fully functional 45 day trial can be downloaded to get started.  Anytime during the trial, you can purchase the application using the Purchase icon on the Ceptara ribbon menu.  At the end of the trial period the add-in's functionality is suspended until the application is purchased or uninstalled.

To download the add-in, please provide your name and email address so that we can better support you during your trial.

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