FocusSync Collaboration

The FocusSync collaboration platform is offered in three configurations; Pro, Premier and Small Business.  The Pro version is focused on helping the individual (the next version of the Organizer product).  The Premier and Small Business versions are focused on enabling team collaboration.  The Small Business product adds SharePoint integration.  Purchase the tool directly in the application's interface
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FocusMe Pro

FocusMe Pro focuses on enabling the individual by helping to get control of their inbox using the 5Ds and organizing their work by projects to align the chaos of every day activity to what is most important. Using the FocusSync service, all projects, focuses and workspaces are synchronized across all of the user's PCs. Pro users can participate in shared projects, however, they cannot share objects (such as projects or tasks) with other users. FocusMe is compatible with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Unlimited private projects.
Limited shared projects (by invitation from a Premier or Small Business subscriber). 

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Pricing: $4 per month (billed $48 annually)

Product no longer supported

FocusSync Premier

Building on the Pro features, FocusSync Premier enables the team by helping each individual be better organized and focuses the team through goal sharing, project sites, and closed loop task collaboration.  Each project site promotes shared contacts and calendar items and helps the team track their time.

Unlimited private projects.
Unlimited shared projects.


FocusSync Small Business

Building on the Pro and Premier versions, FocusSync Small Business adds SharePoint integration.  Like Premier each project will have a project site; Sm Bus adds the site to SharePoint.  The SharePoint design hinges on a ‘root site’ where a Master Project List (MPL) is stored, and then each subsequent shared project gets its own project site (cataloged in the MPL and a sub-site to the root site).  Each project site has a list for tasks, contacts, and appointments.  So that anyone with the proper access can view or edit the items on SharePoint and users who have FocusMe will have two way sync with the project site and its lists (all within Outlook or other supported application).

Unlimited private projects.
Unlimited shared projects.
SharePoint integration.