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Project Management
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  • Create projects including name, code, color, image, charter, priority, status, billing rate, assigned workspace and default role.
  • Outlook items can be assigned to and organized by project.
  • Project window for managing all project items.
  • Projects can be linked to an Outlook folder, Windows folder, Outlook calendar and OneNote notebook or section.
  • Organize projects by Workspace.
Email Management
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  • Email messages can be assigned to a project.
  • File emails by project.
  • 5D Processing (GTD and Zero Inbox). 5Ds - Do, Defer, Delegate, Delete, Drawer.
  • Conversation tracking.
  • Unsubscribe from a conversation.
  • Automatic email filing.
Task Management
Task Management
  • Tasks can be assigned to a project.
  • Tasks can have an unlimited hierarchy of sub-tasks.
  • Each task can be assigned a Focus {GTD Context}
  • Task Execution can be tracked using an up or down timer.
  • A task can be delegated via e-mail, a unique reference ID is used to track subsequent conversations regarding the task.
  • Tasks in a project can be edited and managed using a Gantt chart.
  • Quickly schedule tasks to take advantage of your free time.
Calendar Management
Calendar Management
  • Appointments can be assigned to a project.
  • A role (e.g. Father, Manager, SME, Mentor, etc.) can be assigned to each appointment.
  • Each appointment can track travel distances, calculated and recorded given a starting and ending address.
  • Driving directions can be automatically embedded in the appointment using Google Maps.
  • Keep track of how much time is spent for each project, date, role or calendar.  Time data can exported for MS Excel pivot analysis.
Contact Management
Contact Management
  • Contacts can be assigned to one or more projects.
  • Review tasks assigned or being tracked for a contact.
  • Review all conversations with a contact.
  • See which projects the contact is linked to.
OneNote Integration
OneNote Integration
  • Each project can be linked to a OneNote notebook or section.
  • OneNote To Do tags can be automatically converted to Outlook tasks for streamlining meeting note taking.

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