Ceptara's Organizer for Outlook

Purchase Organizer for Outlook and get these benefits:

  • Meet your commitments more consistently.
  • Better prioritize your time by working on tasks related to your goals.
  • Focus more time on execution and less time on wondering what to do next.
  • Reduce the distractions of email.
  • Find project information more quickly and reliably.
  • Feel more confident and accomplished.

$59.95 per User | Multi-User Discounts Available

Key Capabilities:

  • Track and organize all Outlook objects, e.g. email, tasks, appointments, journal items, contacts & notes, by Project and Focus.
  • Integrate the 5D method into processing email via the right click context menus.
  • Use the built-in Task and Journal timers to record effort and track time associated with projects.
  • Track delegated tasks and use the Organizer's ribbon tools and the Contact Planning tab to facilitate action and closure.
  • Evaluate progress via metrics & charts that help to assess work closure capacity, project risk, and work volume.
  • Track and report project time via the Timecard tool.
  • And many more...

What you get

  • Enjoy unfettered access to the new features in the Add-in simply by logging in using your Ceptara credentials.  All licensing is handled server side, no keys to keep track of or mistype.
  • Free updates for all minor versions including bug fixes and all added features.
  • Free priority e-mail support for the life of the product.

What others are saying!

Working with Projects and Tasks the way Microsoft should have designed it from the beginning.
- Engineer, Computer Services, Mexico City, Mexico

I love it, I spend my time in one tool (Outlook) instead of clicking around and getting lost in the myriad of desktop and web based tools. - Real Estate Professional, Nebraska, USA

I've tried several GTD products, Ceptara's Add-in is the one that has improved my ability organize and manage my projects. - Medical Professional, New Hampshire, USA

I've used Ceptara's add-in since the beginning, I switched jobs and I'm completely broken without it - it's my defacto planner. - Program Manager, Microsoft, Washington, USA

This product is AMAZING, I am recommending it to everyone I know.  I have no idea how I would get anything done without it! - Compliance Practice Manager, Minnesota, USA

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Also available at discounted rates for multiple users.  [Contact] us for details.