Skype Dialer for MS Outlook

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Microsoft has purchased Skype and most likely will be integrating Skype capabilities into Outlook.  Ceptara has stopped active development of this tool. (Date: March 2012)

Simplify Outlook Call Tracking with Skype

Ceptara's SkypeDialer is an Outlook 2007+ Add-in that provides a simple interface into the Skype Application to expedite Skype phone call set up, enable note taking, and track time using a Journal item timer.

It adds a Call Manager that is launched via an Outlook Contact right context menu and through a new 'Call' button on a Contact window.  The add-in integrates seamlessly with Ceptara's Organizer for Outlook.

SkypeDialer is offered as Freeware as part of Ceptara's mission to enhance personal excellence by providing productivity enhancing tools.