About our People

Chris Lindstrom, Founder and Managing Partner. Chris founded Ceptara in 2002 and provides company leadership, manages strategy, marketing, sales, and support functions.
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Kevin Cox, CTO and Partner. Kevin is the Chief Technology Officer providing leadership for Ceptara's backend systems and leading the development and delivery of the FocusSync services.
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Jim Griffin, Director. Jim leads engagements in Ceptara's Lean Six Sigma Performance Management practice. Jim also develops and is an instructor of several Lean Six Sigma courses.
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Dan Mason, Director. Dan leads our information technology practice focused on building more effective and efficient I/T and software realization organizations. Read more about Dan.
Ernie Borgoyne, Engagement Manager. Ernie manages engagements in our Southwestern region.
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Joel Chaplin, Advisor Joel brings a strong background in IT leadership and has held several CIO positions for companies in the Puget Sound regions including Virtuoso, Motricity and Infospace.
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