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Lean, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis, Human Error, and Corrective Action - What does it all mean?

There are a huge number of tools used to improve processes and quality.  Having worked in or with the military, nuclear, manufacturing, aviation, service, and medical industries, I have seen many different approaches and views on what is needed. In this article I am introducing what might be considered a thumbnail of the different approaches.

Using Corrective Action To Make Matters Worse by Not Considering Variation

The corrective action process is arguably the most important component of a quality assurance program. Without an effective corrective action program problems will continuously repeat themselves, continuous improvement is impossible, and it is unlikely that any of the other quality system elements will work effectively. Like virtually every other management program, success of the corrective action process is directly related to management commitment.

The CFL Cost Savings Myth

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Whether this statement is properly attributed to Mark Twain, the English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, or to someone else, one thing we know for sure is that statistics are often used to sway public opinion. Such is, unfortunately the case for statistics associated with compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

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