Lean Six Sigma Belt Comparison Summary

Have you ever wondered about the skill differences between a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt?  We have.

Applying classic internet research, I searched for information that would provide a competency comparison between each LSS belt type.  Nothing readily presented itself using a web search, so I tried the American Society for Quality (ASQ - www.asq.org) site to see if someone at ASQ had laid out the Body of Knowledge (BoK) by belt.   I couldn't find anything there either.

Our Analysis

Using the ASQ BoK as a guideline, we laid each competency area for each belt side by side.  We also added additional detail specifically in the Theory of Constraints and Personal Excellence areas, where ASQ was lacking specifics.

Belt Comparison Summary

We laid out nine competency areas, most of which are consistent with ASQ's nomenclature.  WIthin each area, we describe the level of competency required for each belt for the summarized skills within each skill area (34 skill areas total).  The matrix provides an overview of the analysis - click on the image to get a larger version.

Underneath the summary, we've prepared a detailed analysis that further breaks down into one hundred sixty seven (167) competencies.  Most of which are referenced in each ASQ Belt BoK.  We used Bloom's Taxonomy to describe the level of cognition for each skill within each belt.  Please feel free to explore the detailed [analysis].

Our Programs

Ceptara provides training at each belt level and has built the programs based on the level of competency required to meet and exceed the ASQ's expectations.  Within each program, we build the student's skills through instruction and exercises.  We then provide a test preparation class so that the participant can pass the respective ASQ Certification exam.  We conclude with a Capstone class, which provides structured mentoring designed to facilitate the student's application of their newly acquired skill while working on their own project.

If you'd like to learn more - please [contact] us for a quick assessment of your training needs.