Theory of Constraints Introduction at AmCon 2010

We often try balance our systems to make sure everything is equally distributed.  Not too much inventory, assure every production machine is busy, and no one is standing around.

That is exactly the wrong thing to do!

Eliyahu Goldratt published The Goal in 1984 describing the Theory of Constraints (TOC), a process for maximizing throughput. At the 2010 AmCon show in Bellevue, Washington, our founder, [Chris Lindstrom], presented a discussion about the Theory of Constraints. 

The participant learned the history of TOC and how Goldratt's position in a software firm led to his abstraction of systems and how he turned his knowledge into a continuous improvement program.  They were introduced to the concept of a constraint and what it can mean to an organization's throughput and the TOC methods; 'The Thinking Process', 'The Five Focusing Steps', and the importance of appropriate cost performance measures were discussed and illustrated via a couple of real-life examples.

The material used for the seminar is presented here for download.

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