RACI+S Defined

Organizational models facilitate structured behavior and provide most of the structure necessary to deliver results. However, fast, flexible temporary teams are sometimes needed to accomplish cross-organizational objectives. In that case, organizational models break down and unless a new structure is employed, teams have a difficult time delivering quality results in an appropriate timeframe.

The RACI structure promotes efficient collaborations among cross functional teams by clarifying project-specific roles and responsibilities.

RACI is an acronym which means:

  • R - Responsible
  • A - Accountable
  • C - Consulted
  • I - Informed

Some projects also may require and ‘S’ role.

S – Sponsor or Signature Authority

This whitepaper covers RACI in detail including defining when to apply RACI, role definitions to educate team members regarding their participation expectations, participant time commitments, and much more.

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