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Lean Office Training Material Sample

My Lean Office workshop helps the participants learn to identify, clarify and align their goals, understand how to make decisions based on their goals, define their work processes and discover how to work collaboratively with their upstream suppliers and downstream customers.  Through instruction and exercises the student learns how to organize their physical and digital workspaces to efficiently and effectively execute and manage the daily demands on their time.

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FocusMe Feature - Tracking Action via E-mail

Email sucks at tracking action


We use email to help us get things accomplished.  However, it is widely accepted email is not the best mechanism for tracking action. The email method can lose information, cause confusion and missed expectations.

Microsoft OneNote and Outlook Integration


I have always struggled with note-taking.  Since college, I've been using the paper method for taking notes and have a 'method' for identifying different types of notes, e.g. actions, questions, ideas, etc.  But the thing that has always alluded me is 'how to capture the actions in notes' and make sure I do them and not forget.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

Ceptara’s Green Belt (GB) Certification program is designed to create the continuous improvement knowledge foundation organizations desire to create a culture that is focused on doing things more effectively and efficiently.  The program builds important transferable skills and prepares participant who desire an American for Society Green Belt Certification.  The program is design to help any student regardless of previous training to be familiarized with the GB Body of Knowledge and through classroom interaction and project focused study be able to apply the GB principles and tac

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Waterfall to Lean, with Agile In Between


Waterfall to Lean, With Agile In Between

A Journey in Software Project Management

Social Technologies are Defocusing: Applying Process Thinking to Information & Innovation

Out of Work - Soup Line


  • America was the global manufacturing leader.
  • Process & Productivity were paramount.
  • Social technologies are defocusing.
  • We need to apply process thinking to information and innovation.

Necessity is the mother of Invention. – Anonymous.

Personal Excellence Workshop Brochure

High Performing Teams require High Performing People...  Build stronger, more effective people!  Here's How...

Ceptara's Personal Excellence Workshop ignites people's personal passion and provides a framework and method for them to achieve what matters most.

The workshop focuses on a three step process:

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Ceptara for Government Agencies

Ceptara helps government agencies find and implement creative solutions that control costs and improve the satisfaction of their citizens.  Download our [Brochure] to learn more. 

Would you like to better serve your citizens and non-resident stakeholders?

We help you create a consistent image and implement an "end to end" customer experience while helping you manage organizational change.

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A Review of Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt's "The Goal"

The Goal Book Cover

Throughout the novel the author uses subtle devices to help Alex reach cathartic moments to breakthrough seemingly insurmountable roadblocks.

Few books find an audience in their initial printing and even fewer get a first revision.  Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s novel “The Goal” is well into its 3rd revision and has sold over 2 million copies.

Organizer for Outlook Brochure

The [Organizer] tool is a Microsoft Outlook add-in designed to help you achieve greater focus.  It shifts your attention from a message centric paradigm to one focused on achievement.  The add-in helps you get organized through the use of Projects and Focuses, aligning every Outlook object to your organizational strategy.

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