Business Planning Template for a Start Up Business

The real value in creating a business plan is not the plan itself, but rather the journey of creating it.  The act of planning your business requires you to first create it in your mind (while it's still cheap) before spending a single dollar.  It facilitates a thorough thought process in considering facts such as, potential market, start up costs, and execution processes.  And proactively considers questions such as, who are my customers, what are my marketing channels, do I need partners, what are my products and services, how do I explain them to my customers, how will I organize, what structure should I use to go into business, to name a few.

My favorite tool to help consider these questions and others is the "Business Plan Template for a Start Up".  Please feel free to use this template as your springboard to a successful and enduring business.

Disclaimer: We did not author this plan, it came via a class from Edmonds College in Washington.  It has no copyright or markings for original authorship, if anyone recognizes the work, please feel free to let me know so that I can appropriately give you credit.

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This business plan template is included in the latest version of Microsoft Word (2007). Authored by lqgraves.

Business Plan

Great business plan template, very thorough yet easy to work through. Looking forward to developing a strong business plan with the help of Ceptara.