Learning the Lean System

Lean is a systematic management approach to enable and improve providing a product or service to a customer in the shortest time at the lowest cost. Learning the Lean System course provides the student a comprehensive introduction to the Lean system including Lean tools such as:

Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Cellular Flow, Quality at Source, Teams, 5S and many more.

Elimination of waste is a key component of Lean and continuous improvement is a foundation of the lean philosophy. Lean, also known as the Toyota Production System, is largely common sense. Many companies have lost focus on the basics: keeping costs low, quality high, and the schedule on-time. Lean focuses us back on the basics by reducing or eliminating the eight types of waste - which commonly account for 95% of the total process time. Waste and inefficiency interfere with the 5% of time actually required to add value to a product or service as perceived by the customer. Lean applies to processes well beyond manufacturing including any discrete process such as financial services, services and administrative processes.

Topics included:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Pull/Kanban
  • Cellular flow
  • Quality at source
  • Point of use storage
  • Quick changeover
  • Standardized Work
  • Batch Reduction
  • Teams
  • 5S
  • Visual Controls
  • Plant Layout
  • Total productive maintenance (TPM)

Target audience:

Professional staff, members of the work force, and management who wish to understand the how to use Lean to eliminate waste and improve their processes.

$1,400.00 per student*
32.00 hrs
*Pricing may change depending on the number of students participating and the location of the class. Discounts available for classes of 15 students or more.

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