PNAA Breakfast Meeting - Breaking the Customer Chains

Event Date: 
Thu, 07/16/2009 - 07:30 - 09:30
Bellevue College, North Campus, 10700 Northup Way, Room W270, Bellevue, WA

How many times have we been taught, focus on your customer? Many of the improvement tools we use start with the customer in mind, e.g. process management, kaizen, QFD, Voice of the Customer (VOC), and many more. However, if we only focus on the customer we will miss out on life changing / industry leading innovations.

Participants in this session will learn techniques on how to stay focused and deliver for their customer and how to create momentum to introduce innovative solutions to their current and new markets.

Included Topics:

  • What’s the problem with focusing on your customer
  • Evolutionary versus disruptive technologies
  • Signs of being leap frogged in the market
  • What to do differently


Chris Lindstrom, Learn more about Chris


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