My Lean Office


Successful teams are enabled by highly motivated and self-managing individuals. Everyone can develop the skills necessary to be successful by clearly defining and aligning their goals, practicing simple organizational habits, and focusing on action execution.

In the eight (8) hour My Lean Office workshop, the participants learn to identify, clarify and align their goals, understand how to make decisions based on their goals, define their work processes and discover how to work collaboratively with their upstream suppliers and downstream customers.  Through instruction and exercises the student learns how to organize their physical and digital workspaces to efficiently and effectively execute and manage the daily demands on their time.  The students learn a few simple Lean tools, such as; PDCA, KPIs, SIPOC, 5S, 5Ds, maximizing flow, waste identification (TIMWOOUD) and simple improvement methods such as DIG and KATA.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to improve their organizational skills to better perform their responsibilities by understanding and aligning their work to their goals, better manage their daily action to more effectively achieve their tasks, and stay organized to reduce waste and increase focus.

  • Ability to define my goals and align them to the organization
  • Understand and utilize my high level key performance indicators to drive the 'right' decisions.
  • Define and organize my work into processes
  • Identify and understand my immediate customers
  • Organize my work product and work space to most efficiently execute my work (processes)
  • Maintain my new organization while effectively managing my daily demand
  • Learn how to use email to track and drive action for closed loop conversations
  • Effectively delegate work and create management processes for driving accountability
  • Become a better planner by making commitments, tracking effort and learning how long work really takes.

Knowledge Areas Covered

  • Goal Creation and Alignment
  • High Level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • My Processes (my inputs, outputs and customers)
  • Get Organized (my projects, documents and workspace)
  • Stay Organized (email etiquette & processing, and weekly & daily planning)
  • Email Tracking
  • Delegation
  • My Execution Ritual (Time tracking, my KPIs, my management ritual)
  • Define waste and value/non-value added
  • Dynamic Idea Generation (DIG) Improvements

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Busy individuals interested in better understanding why they make decisions about how they spend their time and what they can do to become more efficient.

Course Cap

16 participants

Required and Supplementary Student Materials

Required - a Student Handbook, provided. Look Inside!

Optional - Getting Things Done, by David Allen

Course Outline

Part One

  • Mindset
    • Toyota Production System - 14 Principles
    • Personal Accountability
  • Align the Plan
    • TPS Goals - as applied in the Office
    • What is a goal
    • Articulating a goal (MARST)
  • Standard Way
    • Define my Work (SIPOC)
    • Question the Work (Value Added, Muda)
    • Measure the Work (Metric Dimensions, Big Ys, Critical Xs, TAKT Time)
  • Homework: Define my goals, Define my top processes

Part Two

  • Maximize Flow
    • Goal Deployment (Projects & Processes)
    • Process Flow (Process Currency, Kanban)
    • Physical Layout (5S, Sequencing, Spaghetti Charts)
    • Information Model (Goals -> Projects -> Tasks -> Appointments -> Drawer)
    • Email Flow (Etiquette, 5Ds, Delegation)
  • Problem Solving
    • PDCA Problem Solving
    • Find the Root Cause (5Ys, CAPA)
    • Improvement as a Habit (KATA)
  • Managing Change
    • Personal Change Model
    • Mental Strength
    • Driving Change
  • Summarize and Conclude

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