Personal Excellence Coaching

Personal Excellence coaching is targeted at individuals motivated to discover better ways to achieve life balance and demonstrate excellence in every facet of their life, professional and personal.

Is this familiar?

  • Every decision seems overwhelming - you've tried tools to help you get organized, however, they are only moderately effective at reducing your stress and helping you stay focused.
  • It feels like you're at a crossroads. You've been successful in the past but you're not sure you want to stay on the current road.
  • You have a good job, and a good team, however, you know it can be better.  You feel like every day is an exercise in managing chaos.
  • Work is under control, however, you feel like you're not paying attention to other important parts of your life. Your time is consumed professionally and there is none left over for family or community.

Our coaching program takes you through the Personal Excellence training in a one on one setting. Time is reserved over a 3 month period to enable you to deeply explore why you make choices and design the person you aspire to be.  We work with you to create and clarify your personal strategy and help you establish your trusted management system to assure consistent focus on what matters most to you.

Key Activities and Deliverables

Discover your True Identity

  • Identify, evaluate, assess and articulate your values, the foundation for decision making
  • Put your values to work by articulating the specific behaviors and habits to be the person you design.
  • Put it all together by writing your personal mission statement – the trusted guide for every day decision making.

Declare your End Game

  • Identify the communities that demand your attention and clearly articulate goals to assure you’re focused on the right activities in those communities.
  • Get organized by breaking goals down into meaningful short and long term objectives and deliverables.

Implement your Trusted Management System

  • Discover the FocusMe for Excellence™ Model – an execution approach to assure systematic focus on what matters most, process daily chaos, reserve planning time, execute deliberately, and take time to learn from your daily and weekly successes and failures.
  • Identify daily organizational techniques and tools to drive new and reinforce your best habits to maintain focus on your goals.
  • Design and implement your ‘trusted management system’ to enable you now and into the future achieve personal excellence.

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The program is designed to be completed in six 2 hour sessions over the course of 3 months. The 12 hour commitment is scheduled during the first session.  The participant is expected to complete their 'homework' in between sessions to assure productive one on one time.  The program can be extended at the end of the 3 month period at an hourly rate (if requested).  

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