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Performance Management using SharePoint (2003)

For those of you that have had the chance to see what’s new in SharePoint 2007, you will notice the addition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This is a wonderful addition and will add the ability for business users to drive metrics at a new level. But what about all of those SP2003 installs? Sans the upgrade, is there anything one can do to add scorecards?

The answer is yes, if you’re comfortable working in FrontPage and SharePoint…

Critical Success Factors for an Enduring Quality Program

Lake Louse Alberta

During a recent NWQF (Northwest Quality Forum) meeting, the team members discussed how to market quality. There were some very interesting discussions. The list below attempts to capture some of the key ideas. In no particular order -

Creating an Effective Agenda

Recently I attended a training session on "Running Effective Meetings". It was a nice refresher course and summarized a number of practices quite well. Below I've included some notes on creating an agenda that was included in the course. Running Effective Meetings Recipe for Creating an Agenda

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Just finished "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable" by Patrick M. Lencioni [Book Link]. It's written in the same style as "The Goal" (Goldratt, Cox) [Book Link], i.e. a method taught in the form of a story.

Performance Management "Buy-In"

Q: How do you get an organization to "buy-in" to Performance Management and make it part of their day-to-day operations?

Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference, Seattle WA

I had the opportunity to attend the MS BI conference in Seattle, May 9 - 11, 2007. The conference focused on the IT professional, not so much on the Business user.

Kaizen at PMI - Puget Sound | End Notes

The talk on Friday went well - everyone seemed engaged. There were a number of questions:

1) How do you make these type of efforts sustainable?

Ans: We all have suffered from the 'flavor of the month' program and are quite aware of the pitfalls that lie ahead of us in championing these types efforts. Some of the ways that were talked about include:

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