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Training Within Industry - How to make Standard Work stick.

TWI - Introduction


Training Within Industry's Job Instruction provides a method for assuring that Standard Work processes are operationalized into the everyday employee work interactions.  Supervisor's are taught how to teach their area's jobs so that the workers can efficiently and predictably execute the work while practicing 5S work habits.

Social Technologies are Defocusing: Applying Process Thinking to Information & Innovation

Out of Work - Soup Line


  • America was the global manufacturing leader.
  • Process & Productivity were paramount.
  • Social technologies are defocusing.
  • We need to apply process thinking to information and innovation.

Necessity is the mother of Invention. – Anonymous.

How to Build Execution Excellence - Strategic Planning and Alignment


There are many factors in deciding an organization’s success or failure.  Many are outside of their control, e.g. significant economic changes or catastrophic weather events.  However, many factors are certainly within an organizations’ control, e.g. selecting and operationalizing a successful strategy, hiring and developing the right people, and defining and executing their work efficiently and effectively.  In fact, the better the organization operates, the less the external factors affect it.

Stakeholder Analysis Template

Stakeholder analysis provides a method for identifying those impacted or potentially impacted by a change effort (or improvement project) and their relative interest and influence on the change process.

The analysis assesses each stakeholder by their:

  • relative interest in the project,
  • relative power to impact the project, and
  • positive or negative view towards the project.

The template provides a mechanism for recording the assessment and documenting a management strategy for each stakeholder.

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How Ceptara helps Organizations Achieve Excellence

About one third of small businesses fail in the first year and less than one half make it to their fourth year. In the U.S. economy starting in December of 2007 through June 2009, approximately 8.8 million jobs were eliminated in the ‘Great Recession’. New and existing organizations face significant challenges in surviving and providing value to their customers, assuring the economy continues to sustain a healthy place for people to work and play.

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Smart Problem Definition and Measurement Prevents Stupid ‘AIC’s and Pains


The Six Sigma Black Belt approaches problems using disciplined problem solving methodologies. One such approach called DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) focuses on reducing process variation and defects. Regardless of what approach is used, the problem Definition and Measurement phases are most critical to avoid foolish effort in Analysis, Improvement and Control resulting in much pain by fixing the wrong problem.

DMAIC Refresher

For those who are not familiar or need a refresher, here is a summary of the DMAIC process steps.

Using 5-Whys Will Make you Wiser

5 Whys Notebook


By following a structured and disciplined methodology you can achieve a deeper understanding of the root causes of any problem. The “5-Whys” Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA) methodology was invented by the founder of Toyota, used in their manufacturing process, and continues as one of the tools in the modern lean methodologies tool kit.

Personal Excellence Workshop Brochure

High Performing Teams require High Performing People...  Build stronger, more effective people!  Here's How...

Ceptara's Personal Excellence Workshop ignites people's personal passion and provides a framework and method for them to achieve what matters most.

The workshop focuses on a three step process:

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Keep Your Eye on Your Business Triangle

Fire Triangle


We all learned in elementary general science class about the Fire Triangle.  A fire requires Heat, Oxygen and Fuel.  Without sufficient Heat or Oxygen a fire cannot start or continue to burn.  Without Fuel there is nothing to burn and the fire will extinguish itself.

Your business also requires certain elements to start and to continue.

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