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Process Management - Introduction Deck

Process management is at the heart of an excellent quality system.  If you're interested in reducing defects and waste, and building an organization that can scale as you're successful, process management needs to be a tool embraced and practiced by everyone in the organization. 

This presentation is used as part of the Process Management Introduction class which provides a summary and introduction to the Process Management Workshop.  The deck covers an introduction to a quality system, why process management is important and an introduction to managing processes.

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Cross Organization Facilitation - Introduction Deck

When kicking off a cross organizational event such as a Kaizen event, Six Sigma initiative, QI Story, or other improvement program certain challenges are inherent. People can have competing agendas, team members have various degrees of capabilities and skills, and everyone has their own way of doing things. Since none of the members of the team 'work' for the program owner, relying on an organizational hierarchy is out of the question.

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Covey's Seven Habits Celebrates it's 20th Anniversary - My Journey

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.jpg


  • Five lessons learned: use 360 reviews, goals apply to your whole life, connect daily tasks to your goals, think win/win doesn't apply to every interaction, block time to sharpen the saw.
  • Engineers (technical types) have a difficult time with the soft skills, i.e. there are soft skills?
  • Self reflection and growth only comes when you're ready to hear it.  Just like many programs, you can't work on something until you admit that it's an issue.
  • A personal mission statement is the foundation upon which all decisions and actions are based.

Six Sigma in Purchasing - How to apply Six Sigma Techniques to Supplier Management

On several occasions, we've had the chance to present how to use six sigma to individuals whose role included managing a company's supply line.  Included in the Supply Line Management processes are; supply strategy management, qualification, selection, purchasing (transactional processing), performance monitoring, supplier auditing & review, and supplier recognition.  The attached resource provides an overview of each process, the six sigma tools that can help to perform the process more efficiently and effectively, and case studies that provide examples of how the six sigma tools were used.

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RACI+S Defined

Organizational models facilitate structured behavior and provide most of the structure necessary to deliver results. However, fast, flexible temporary teams are sometimes needed to accomplish cross-organizational objectives. In that case, organizational models break down and unless a new structure is employed, teams have a difficult time delivering quality results in an appropriate timeframe.

The RACI structure promotes efficient collaborations among cross functional teams by clarifying project-specific roles and responsibilities.

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Personal Excellence Workshop

High Performing People create High Performing Teams

  • Successful team efforts require individuals to be highly motivated and self managing
  • People can develop the necessary skills by focusing on their foundation, work organization, and action execution

The Personal Excellence workshop is targeted at individuals motivated in discovering better ways to achieve life balance and demonstrate excellence in every facet of their life, professional and personal.

View the [Brochure].

$299.00 per student*
8.00 hrs
*Pricing may change depending on the number of students participating and the location of the class. Discount pricing provided for groups greater than 15.

Schedule a class or Request more information

Supplier Performance Model - Manual Entry

This is an Excel model that demonstrates a number of metrics that may be interesting to measure a supplier against in a product manufacturing business.

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Performance Management

What gets measured gets managed.

Performance measurement is a fast and effective way to transform your organization.  A strong performance management system aligns performace metrics with bottom-line results, with every employee understanding their role in driving value. 

Ceptara designs performance systems – including scorecards, dashboards and benchmarking – that are tailored to your company’s unique needs. We bring to the table deep experience in applying a broad array of performance management systems – including SharePoint, MS Excel, myDials, and others.  We help companies of all sizes connect performance measurements and incentives with management practices that drive accountability and keep your focus on the bottom line.

Find out today how Ceptara can boost your performance with a free 60-minute consultation.

Examples of our work

  • Increased quality awareness 10 fold with performance scorecards at a large software development company.
  • Focused a mid-size data services provider with a clear strategy map, consistent dashboard review and communications.
  • Increased service availability to 99.9% with weekly scorecard reviews in a large telecom voice and data service provider.

Ceptara Performance Management Services

  • Strategy Map Design and Development
  • Metric Sourcing, Data Mapping & Metric Implementation
  • Scorecard and Dashboard Development
  • Manage by Metric Coaching and Training
  • Continuous Improvement Facilitation, Leadership and Training
Contact us today for a free 60-minute consultation.

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The Feeling of Failure

Whenever you're starting something new or find yourself in a new situation, you get that feeling deep down in your gut, "What am I doing?". Honda published this video "Failure: The Secret to Success", that has a number of very inspiring ideas.

Feel More Organized & Manage Details Confidently - Feb 10, 2009

Join me on February 10, 2009 @ 1:15p for a light version of our Personal Excellence workshop - [Register]

2009 PNAA Aerospace Conference
Personal Excellence Workshop
Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 1:15p to 5:00p
Course Fee: $25
Lynnwood Convention Center
3711 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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