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RACI+S Defined

Organizational models facilitate structured behavior and provide most of the structure necessary to deliver results. However, fast, flexible temporary teams are sometimes needed to accomplish cross-organizational objectives. In that case, organizational models break down and unless a new structure is employed, teams have a difficult time delivering quality results in an appropriate timeframe.

The RACI structure promotes efficient collaborations among cross functional teams by clarifying project-specific roles and responsibilities.

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Personal Excellence Workshop

High Performing People create High Performing Teams

  • Successful team efforts require individuals to be highly motivated and self managing
  • People can develop the necessary skills by focusing on their foundation, work organization, and action execution

The Personal Excellence workshop is targeted at individuals motivated in discovering better ways to achieve life balance and demonstrate excellence in every facet of their life, professional and personal.

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$299.00 per student*
8.00 hrs
*Pricing may change depending on the number of students participating and the location of the class. Discount pricing provided for groups greater than 15.

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Supplier Performance Model - Manual Entry

This is an Excel model that demonstrates a number of metrics that may be interesting to measure a supplier against in a product manufacturing business.

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Supply Chain Management

An optimized supply chain boosts your bottom line.

Are your workers and processes focused on excellence throughout your supply chain? Let Ceptara help you reduce costs, remove waste and drive up production quality. Ceptara provides evaluation, implementation and management services for companies wishing to harness more value from their supply chain operations. We've helped companies like yours plan supply consumption more efficiently, leverage supply lines through proactive supplier management, implement Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process, and streamline supply delivery methods.

Find out today how Ceptara can boost your performance with a free 60-minute consultation.

Examples of our work

  • Developed supplier evaluation program for power electronics company
  • Established new sourcing function for wireless carrier
  • Drove 20% out-of-the-box quality improvements for computer manufacturer via supplier capability improvements
  • Developed New Product Introduction processes for telecom equipment provider
Ceptara Supply Chain Management Services
  • Supply Chain Assessment and Improvement Planning
  • New Product Introduction Integration
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Facilitation, Leadership and Training
  • Supplier Management Improvement and Training
  • Quality Tracking System Improvement
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Using Corrective Action to Make Matters Worse - By Not Considering Variation

The corrective action process is arguably the most important component of a quality assurance program. Without an effective corrective action program, problems will continuously repeat themselves, continuous improvement is impossible, and it is unlikely that any of the other quality system elements will work effectively. As for virtually every other management program, success of the corrective action process is directly related to management commitment. Nevertheless, even in those organizations where management works hard on the corrective action program, the results are frequently either ineffective or counterproductive. A major cause of an ineffective corrective action program is failure to consider the effects of variation.

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The CFL Cost Savings Myth

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. Whether this statement is properly attributed to Mark Twain, the English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, or to someone else, one thing we know for sure is that statistics are often used to sway public opinion. Such is, unfortunately the case for statistics associated with compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

My Apple TV Experience

In a nutshell -

If your Apple TV does not show up as a device in your iTunes application on a PC, make sure that the computer link menu screen with the 5 digit code is visible on the Apple TV while you're looking at the Device list on your iTunes application. This little tidbit is not referred to on any Apple documentation that I've found.

Six Sigma in Purchasing

I will be delivering a talk at the next AmCon show in Bellevue Washington on February 19 or 20, 2008. I've given this talk a number of times, so please stop by and say hello if you've found the topics interesting and/or useful.

Upcoming Talk on Purchasing & Quality Practices

Just wanted to remind everyone that I have a talk coming up next week, February 19th, at the AmCon conference in Bellevue Washington - it's FREE, so don't pass up this opportunity to learn more about "Six Sigma in Purchasing" - more here including the presentation material. The talk focuses on presenting a number of Supplier Management practices and describing the quality tools that can be used to execute supplier management better.

Kaizen at PMI - Puget Sound | End Notes

The talk on Friday went well - everyone seemed engaged. There were a number of questions:

1) How do you make these type of efforts sustainable?

Ans: We all have suffered from the 'flavor of the month' program and are quite aware of the pitfalls that lie ahead of us in championing these types efforts. Some of the ways that were talked about include:

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